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Best Electric Router in Chandigarh

Unleash Precision and Power in Chandigarh with Electric Routers

Explore the pinnacle of accuracy and effectiveness in woodcraft in Chandigarh using M S Klebstoffe's Electric Router. Crafted for contemporary woodworking, our Electric Router in Chandigarh delivers unmatched versatility and performance, catering to professionals and DIYers alike.

  • Robust 1,300W Motor: Our router boasts a powerful motor, ensuring precise cuts for diverse routing tasks in Chandigarh.
  • Versatile Chuck Collet: Featuring an 8mm chuck, our router accommodates different bit sizes for various woodworking needs in Chandigarh.
Unlocking in Chandigarh the Potential of Electric Routers

Buy from Electric Router Manufacturers in Chandigarh

Electric routers serve a multitude of purposes in Chandigarh, from molding edges to crafting intricate patterns. As Electric Router Manufacturers in Chandigarh, we comprehend the diverse requirements of woodworkers, ensuring our routers meet those needs efficiently, enhancing precision and productivity in all woodworking endeavors.

  • Edge Profiling: Attain neat edges in woodworking in Chandigarh, elevating the look of your projects.
  • Joinery: Craft robust and seamless furniture joints in Chandigarh, guaranteeing longevity and steadiness.
Technical Specifications of Our Electric Router Machine in Chandigarh

Looking for Electric Router Machine Suppliers in Chandigarh?

Crafted meticulously in Chandigarh, our device flaunts remarkable specs, guaranteeing top-notch performance and dependability. As Electric Router Machine Suppliers in Chandigarh, we prioritize delivering optimal value. Our FR66P model, with a max bit diameter of 30mm and weighing merely 3.8kg, delivers unparalleled versatility and user-friendliness in Chandigarh.

  • Brand: Virutex
  • Model Name/Number: FR66P
  • Chuck Collet: 8mm
  • Max. Bit Diameter: 30mm
  • No-load Speed: 26,000/min
  • Routing Depth: 60mm
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Input Power: 1,300W
  • Usage/Application: Industrial
Experience in Chandigarh the Benefits of Our Electric Router Machine

Most Trusted Electric Router Machine Retailers in Chandigarh

Our router in Chandigarh optimizes workflow and boosts creativity with enhanced efficiency and precise routing. As Electric Router Machine Retailers in Chandigarh, we provide myriad benefits, transforming woodworking experiences and elevating the quality of final products.

  • Precision Routing: Attain precise, tidy cuts for seamless assembly and a polished look in Chandigarh.
  • Versatile Use: Our router handles everything from simple tasks to complex designs in Chandigarh, broadening your woodworking options.
Product Related to Electric Router

Electronic Surface Router in Chandigarh

Chuck Collet 8 mm
Routing Depth 50 mm
Weight 3,2 kg
Input Power 1.300 W
No Load Speed 27.000 /min
Model Name/Number FR278R
Brand Virutex
Usage/Application Industrial

European Hand Router in Chandigarh

Design Ergonomic
insulation Double insulation
Mobility yes
Operation multi usage
Speed control adjustable speed
No Load Speed 23000rpm
Type Of Power Tool Hand Tool
Color blue
Separate On/Off Speed Control yes
Collet Capacity collet Dia : 6-8-10-12mm
Case Type box pack
Warranty 1 year
Model Name/Number FRE160P
Brand Virutex
Usage/Application Routing ,cutting
Power Consumption 1800 W

Router in Chandigarh

Chuck Collet 8 mm
Max. Bit Diameter 30 mm
No-load Speed 26.000 /min
Routing Depth 60 mm
Weight 3,8 kg
Input Power 1.300 W
Model Name/Number FR66P
Brand Virutex
Usage/Application Industrial

Surface Router in Chandigarh

Chuck Collet 8 mm
Routing Depth 50 mm
Weight 2,9 kg
Input Power 1.010 W
No Load Speed 24.000 /min
Model Name/Number FR277R
Brand Virutex
Usage/Application Industrial
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